FLDS- Worth Bistline

We had the pleasure of having Worth Bistline call in to do an interview about growing up as a young man in the FLDS. He has an interesting view as he grew up with Rulon Jeffs as prophet and the gradual transition to Warren Jeffs becoming the leader of the FLDS. He has a lot of insight regarding the transition and especially as a young man coming into the priesthood of the FLDS. Thanks again to Worth for sharing his story and we hope his ending words of wisdom can help as many people as they go through this crazy thing called life!

The Apostolic United Brethren- Arturo Jessop

We had the pleasure to speak to Arturo Jessop, who’s story is vastly different then the other stories we’ve shared. In previous episodes we discuss how racism plays a big part in most of the polygamist groups. Well in the AUB they allow two other races, Mexicans and Native Americans. Arturo’s family comes from Mexico. As he tells his story you’ll see how the AUB converts from the communities in Mexico.

FLDS- Carlyn Stubbs Jr.

Carlyn is a young man who grew up in Southern Utah where the FLDS isolated many years ago. He came in the studio to share his story, not of misery but of truth! He did everything he could to please his father and become a worthy Priesthood man. We dive deep into what it is like to be a young man in the FLDS group. Carlyn reminds us to not let the bad things in life continue to make us miserable.

Carlyn Stubbs JR.jpg

The Apostolic United Brethren(AUB)- Kevin Jessop

Kevin was born and raised in the AUB polygamist group. He was married as well in the group and we touch a bit on what the marriage ceremony is like in a polygamist group. He was never a practicing polygamist, yet his insight into polygamy and the AUB are exceptional! He came in with his wife Liz who we interviewed the previous episode. He shares wisdom and knowledge we are excited to be able to share!


The Apostolic United Brethren (AUB)- Liz Jessop

The Apostolic United Brethren is known as the AUB or the Allred Group, based out of Bluffdale, Utah. Our first ever former AUB member Liz Jessop came in for a deep and informational interview! Liz was the first wife in a plural marriage and shares her struggle to make the decision to leave polygamy. She tells us all new information on the AUB; from how childhood is in the AUB to the religious ceremonies they perform. We hope this is as informal to you as it was to us. We learned somethings that we’ve never heard. Liz came in and in her words “got a bunch of monkeys off her back”.


Kingston Group-Val Snow

This episode features Val Snow, one of Daniel Kingston’s many children. He gives us the insight into the world of growing up with an abusive father & also coming out as gay. His story is very raw and intense, but he shows us that even growing up in fear and being unhappy doesn’t mean that’s how the rest of your life will be. He gives us all hope to become better from our life experiences & gives great advice!

Val Snow Pod.jpg

FLDS-Interview with Lamont Barlow

Lamont Barlow, who was featured on A&E's Cults and Extreme Beliefs episode on the FLDS has a lot of knowledge that we are excited to share. Lamont left the FLDS and moved away from the community and has since moved back. He is doing a lot of amazing things to help the community grow. He is an entrepreneur who is bringing a tech company to the community to create a great source of income.   

Centennial Park-Interview with Amy

Amy is a 16 year old girl who was born and has lived in Centennial Park her whole life. Centennial Park also known as "the work" is just miles away from Colorado City, Arizona. Centennial Park broke off from the FLDS and has thrived in starting their own polygamist group. This is our first episode with someone from Centennial Park as well as our first episode with someone who believes in the practice of polygamy. 

The top picture is one of the mansions in Centennial Park and the bottom picture is one of the many abandoned/half finished houses in the FLDS community. Just miles apart.

The top picture is one of the mansions in Centennial Park and the bottom picture is one of the many abandoned/half finished houses in the FLDS community. Just miles apart.

Our First Trip To the "Crick"

We made our first trip down to Colorado City, Arizona. This small town is known as a couple different nicknames one being Short Creek and the other simply as the Crick. We were lucky enough to take our friend who grew up there all her life and she became our personal tour guide. Take a listen as we discuss our thoughts and feelings about the Crick. 


Kingston Group-Interview with Melissa

Melissa was born and raised in the Kingston polygamist group. She was married to man and became the first wife. We discuss her having and raising kids in polygamy and the difficult process to leave polygamy. Due to the fact she was legally married to her then husband she has to go through a difficult divorce process with the Kingston's fighting against her.